MSD and WVA are delighted to announce the 2018 Veterinary Student Scholarship Program which is dedicated to veterinary students from four world regions to enhance their academic experience.

The following announcement can be found in French and Spanish by clicking on the following links: FRENCH, SPANISH.

Following the successful delivery of the MSD Animal Health/WVA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program 2016, and 2017, MSD Animal Health and WVA agreed to continue the successful collaboration and to launch the 2018 Veterinary Student Scholarship Program to include 41 scholarships of US$ 5,000 (of a total of $205,000) to be granted to selected students from countries in the regions of Latin America (16 grants), Africa (10 grants), North Africa/Middle East (10 grants) and Asia/Oceania (5 grants).   

Eligibility requirements for students:

· Citizen of one of the countries under the grant coverage.

· Second or third year veterinary students (or equivalent if the program is longer than 4 years) and having successfully completed all first-year exams.

· Currently enrolled and in good standing at a recognized school of veterinary medicine in their country.

The applications will be reviewed by the WVA Review Committee. The announcement of the selected students will occur during the World Veterinary Association Congress in San Jose, Costa Rica over 27-30 April 2019.  

The application form can be downloaded by clicking on the following links: English, French and Spanish.

Deadline for submission

Completed application must be submitted by 1st January 2019, 12:00 pm (Brussels time) to

Please note that incomplete nominations and nominations received after the deadline will be automatically rejected. Student that already received a WVA/MSD grant in the past, cannot apply for a second grant.

MSD Animal Health and the World Veterinary Association encourage qualified students to submit their applications and wish success to all the candidates.