Celebrating the World Veterinary Day 2018 in Uzbekistan

On May 6, 2018, Uzbekistan hosted the Second Uzbek Veterinary Conference in connection with the World Veterinary Day, attended by more than 1000 veterinarians throughout the country, as well as representatives of the Parliament, Governments and various ministries and departments. And also the experts of the OIE.

Since 2017 on June 1, the Ministry of Veterinary Medicine of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established as a state veterinary committee and in the report of Chairman (Minister) of Veterinary Medicine of Uzbekistan Bakhrom Norkobilova noted the role of the profession of veterinarian in the sustainable development of improving living standards, providing food and food safety.

Also, in the framework of the conference, the best veterinarians, scientists, veterinary institutions, journalists who contributed to the development of the veterinary service of Uzbekistan with the "Golden Horse" award were awarded, which is being awarded for the second time.