World Veterinary Day Award 2014 - And the winner is.......

On 25th May 2014, the OIE and WVA announced the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as the winner of the World Veterinary Day (WVD) Award 2014.

The World Veterinary Day 2014 was celebrated by local, regional and international veterinary associations in more than 30 countries from all world regions.

AVMA was selected as the WVD Award winner for the creation of a comprehensive on-line hub dedicated to Animal Welfare and its launch on the World Veterinary Day 2014. 

The AVMA’s hub includes numerous animal welfare resources that are available to veterinarians and the general public. These resources include policies and position statements, literature reviews, animal welfare newsletters, and access to educational materials and programs etc. The hub covers vast areas which sorted by species (e.g., companion animals, laboratory animals), user audience (e.g., the profession, students), general topics (e.g., people, education), and opportunities (volunteer).

The WVD 2014 celebrations by AVMA were widely covered by more than 265 mentions in press releases and more than 300 media outlets from North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.  The AVMA hub on Animal Welfare is a great tool for promoting Animal Welfare and especially, promoting veterinarians as authorities and advocates for Animal Welfare.

The WVA would like to thank to all the associations that celebrated the WVD 2014, especially for the enormous effort and preparation done by these organizations to celebrate the veterinary profession under the theme of Animal Welfare. 

The OIE and WVA also announced the issue of Parasitic Diseases as the theme for the World Veterinary Day 2015.

Pictures from the WVD Award ceremony can be found HERE