Global Webinar on Animal Welfare - Summary

On 29th April, WVA and EC organized a Global Webinar on Animal Welfare. Please find here after a short summary and the links to the presentations and to the Webinar recording.

Following the success of the World Veterinary Association (WVA) Global Seminar on Animal Welfare (held in Prague in September 2013), the WVA and the European Commission (EC) agreed to keep "alive" the global platform on Animal Welfare and to facilitate participation of veterinarians from all over the world by organising a follow up event via a webinar (on-line seminar).

The Webinar was entitled “Veterinary leadership: “Empowering tools for vets in the field of Animal Welfare”. It gave the floor to representatives from AVMA, EFSA, EC, FAO, FVE, IVSA, OIE, WAVMA, WSPA, WVA and the regions of Africa, Asia and Latin-America to present and discuss tools available for veterinarians in the different Animal Welfare fields. The Webinar was attended mostly by veterinarians and veterinary students from 56 countries.  

Scope of the global webinar on animal welfare

  • To facilitate continuous dialogue and discussion between all global organisations and stakeholders in the fields of veterinary animal welfare.
  • To allow veterinarians from all over the world to participate in these discussions
  • To develop and promote the veterinary profession engagement in all animal welfare fields worldwide.

The webinar was structured around 5 cases. Participants and panel members exchanged comments and ideas on the presentations and replied to poll questions on various issues related to the Webinar topics. In the end of each session, the moderator announced the poll results. Click here for the Webinar introduction remarks by WVA.

Case 1:  presentation by AVMA on Animal welfare tools available for veterinarians.

The poll asked if veterinarians have the necessary tools to deliver services in the field of animal welfare. 20% of the respondents replied yes while 80% replied that it depends on the region. 

Case 2: presentation by OIE on OIE standards in animal welfare

The poll asked if OIE standards are well recognised and applied in the world regions.  63% replied that the standards are recognised but poorly applied, 23% replied that OIE standards are not recognized, and 13% replied that the standard are well recognized and applied.  

Case 3: presentation by WSPA on WSPA concepts in animal welfare.

The poll asked what are the most important aspects that shall be strengthened in order to empower veterinarians in the field of Animal Welfare. 86% of the respondents selected the education and knowledge option while 14% selected influences and resources option.

Case 4:  presentation by WAVMA on Animal welfare in aquaculture.

The poll asked if animal welfare tools cover the needs of aquaculture. 86% of the respondents said that the available animal welfare tools do not cover the needs of aquaculture, 5% replied yes and 9% replied that it varies for the different species. 

Case 5: presentation by IVSA on Focus on animal welfare in veterinary schools.

The poll asked if enough attention is given to animal welfare in veterinary schools.  59% of the respondents said no, 32% replied “only partially” and 8% replied that the theoretical knowledge is sufficient but there is luck of practical training.

In conclusions

The webinar was successful in discussing animal welfare on an international scale. It was concluded that:

  • There is a great deal of interest in animal welfare and there had been a lot of reactions from participants around the world. 
  • This initiative will be repeated. 
  • The poll questions could be the focus of future Webinars, particularly in aquaculture, animal welfare educators in veterinary schools and the role of veterinarians in Animal Welfare.

The full Webinar recording on Animal Welfare can be found by clicking HERE