World Veterinary Day 2014 Celebration in Cadiz, Spain

On 21- 26th April 2014, the Cadiz Veterinary Association held the first Veterinary Week in Cádiz, Spain.

Every year, on last saturday of each April, the “Worldwide Veterinary Day is held; a sesión in which these professionals , want to highlight their role in the society as a whole. This year on april 26th, the Cadiz Veterinary Association wanted to go further and has summoned the whole population to this event. So they have organized what they have called “The Veterinary Week”.

This campaign opened with a public press conference to introduce the  Cadiz Veterinary Association’s President and its Secretary; Federico Vilaplana and Cristina Velasco, respectively,  who explained to the public all the details of this initiative, born to have continuity and this year focused around the motto “”Vets and Animal Welfare”. This is also the slogan that the World Vets Association has chosen to commemorate this “profession day”, so having this in mind Cadiz Province Vets have been developing informative actions in order to stress the key and vital role of this profession in the relationship between men and animals and their neverending work in favor of animals and the society as a whole.

This is an information campaign in which all the province vets have taken part. The “partner vets” have been delivering leaflets in health centers, schools and markets in the surrounding areas as  Jerez, Chipiona, Rota, Ubrique, Villamartín, El Gastor, La Línea, Los Barrios...In towns as El Puerto or Chiclana, they have been answering people’s questions and giving information about this campaign.

These leaflets have been also delivered to municipalities, county agricultural offices, health districts and other government related entities and veterinary competences.

The “First Vet Week” was closed by the icing in the cake of a nice teambuilding retreat at “El jardal” (Jerez). Aproximately 250 people including vets and their families got together to celebrate “The Worlwide Vet Day”. In order to promote consumption of Retinto Livestock in the province, which has a designation of origin, a tasting of roasted and grilled ribs was offered to the people as a main course. There were also tours to the surroundings, children games, shadow areas …Moreover, the International Equestrian Federation veterianry, Francisco Abad, was honored for his career and his retirement.

Click HERE for the pictures of the WVD celebration events in Cadiz, Spain.