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33rd World Veterinary Congress - Incheon, Korea

the 33rd WVC will take place in Incheon, Korea on 27-31 August 2017. For more information regarding abstract submissions and registrations, check the new website:

33rd WVC

WVA Strategy 2015 – 2018

The WVA Council through its Working Groups continues to work and to develop further the WVA Strategic Plan that was adopted in March 2015. Click HERE for the Updated WVA Strategy 2015-2018.

Updated WVA Strategy 2015-2018.

Veterinarians care for your pets

Veterinarians look after the health and the happiness of your pets. They not only provide treatments when they are ill, but are also in charge of disease prevention all around the world.


Veterinarians care for livestock health

Veterinarians help farmers to keep livestock healthy and the farming industry strong. They deal with animal diseases in order to prevent them from spreading to humans and to other animals.


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The One World-One health concept, animal health, animal welfare and public health.

The WVA is a federation of over 80 veterinary medical associations representing over 500,000 veterinarians across the world on six continents. We work to promote animal health, animal welfare, and public health globally with the understanding that human, animal, and environmental health are intricately interconnected, through food, infectious and zoonotic diseases, research to improve human and animal lives, encroachment on wildlife habitat, and the human-animal bond that has existed throughout time.

The WVA is the internationally recognized voice of global veterinary medicine working with partners around the world, including OIE, WHO, and FAO, to assure improved health and welfare for humans, animals, and the environment we share together.
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WVA 2016 Activities Report

The WVA 2016 Activities Report summarizes a very productive year for the WVA.

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Wed, 15 Feb 2017

Global Seminar on Animal Welfare - World Challenges in . . .

We are pleased to announce that the WVA and World Animal Protection are preparing a Global Seminar on Animal Welfare to take place during the 33rd World Veterinary Congress in Korea this summer

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Fri, 27 Jan 2017

Memorandum of Understanding Between the World Veterinary . . .

On the 20nd of January 2017, the WVA and ICMM signed on a MoU to facilitate and stimulate the contacts and collaborations between the two organisations.

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Fri, 20 Jan 2017


WVA Policy Statements

WVA devises its policies as a projected program comprising desired objectives and the means to achieve them.

Rabies is 100% preventable, but remains a daily threat to millions around the world.

It doesn’t have to be this way.